Why diversity in fitness activity is so important to reaching your ultimate goals.

You keep pushing away, and feel that your progress has come to a sudden hault. No more weight-loss, muscles ain’t getting any more toned, and things have become quite stale in the gym; making it tough to think about staying committed these days.

Its proven that when your body performs the same exercises repeatedly at the same level or demand your muscles and body adapt very easily. Even though your workout is easier and less intense, your body is no longer being challenged – as a result we lose motivation and excitement in continuing our journey and fitness becomes an on/off switch in our lives”.
“If the workout stays the same for months on months, your fitness levels will plateau and you’ll lose momentum, and interest in your plan of attack. Its one of the most common things I hear why they couldn’t reach their ultimate goal” according to Fitz Co Founder Francis dos Santos who also happens to be a Personal trainer for 10 years.

He states: It’s absolutely vital to add diversity to your exercise routine and challenge new planes of movement and resistance to stimulate our muscles effectively. The best way to do this is cover three basic areas of fitness activity: cardio, strength and flexibility as well as partake in extra curricular fitness activity like boxing, yoga, hikes, and other forms of sports which requires a diverse set of movement demand and skill.

Francis explains why incorporating new forms of fitness activity is so important below for the general fitness enthusiast looking to keep fit and maintain a consistent active lifestyle.

Benefits of change in planes of movement.

The body is capable of movement in all forms of directions. Sagittal, frontal, transverse planes and the list goes on. So why would we only choose 1 direction to train? (which 90% of the time is a linear movement like a lunge or run, walk with most people). Incorporating multiple forms of planes of motion is the #1 best thing you can do for achieving more results and keeping things fresh. Think about it – the more planes of movement that are in demand during a workout, the more joints and muscles and energy you use – as a result more calories are burnt, and working up a sweat comes quickly while keeping it fun and intriguing.

Its time to break from solely moving in one direction when you exercise and jump into classes like boxing, TRX Class, Yoga, or even an athletic agility /plyometric class!

Increased motivation, engagement and excitement

Finding yourself doing the same old workout routine you’ve been doing since high-school?
Don’t worry, 60% of the people that go to gyms looking for a good sweat are using the same old exercises too- over and over again. This is a perfect recipe for many of us to drop out, get derailed from our goals and eventually it becomes easy to say “NO” to the gym. Trying something new automatically triggers you to have interest to learn, engage with new friends in class,while challenging yourself to a new skill demand. All of these elements makes for a good experience and helps for keeping on track. Right away you’ll be intrigued and motivated to get better, learn more, and attending the gym is something that excites you because the new class, routine, or instructor is new, fresh and exciting! Trying new forms of fitness out your realm is massive for keeping consistent, staying motivated and maintaining engagement with your ultimate fitness goal. Go out there and try something new and watch your body love you for it!

New equipment, new instructors, new muscles!

Dumb bells, barbells, machines, treadmills…. day in day out. 86% of people that attend big box gyms never get their hands on anything else! Trying new forms of functional equipment is extremely important for recruitment of new muscle fibres when we utilize them and of course – keeps things fun and moving forward towards our goals. Have you seen the list of what a TRX can do? Have you tried Billy’s boxing class? Taking advantage of new forms of equipment and new trainers is a perfect ingredient for new muscle gains, and increased performance results. Go out there and seek what your gym has to offer, check out which unique class is the most popular these days! Your body will thank you for the change!

Become more functionally fit and develop new performance skills

Okay great you’ve mastered all the machines in the gym after 10 years. But have you ever attempted a yoga or kick -boxing class? You claim to be fit and strong, but new fitness activities can do massive wonders in the way you look, how perform and feel afterwards. Here are a few results that will occur once you get away from the machines and start to incorporate other forms of sweating in your life:

  • Coordination (get this through boxing class!)
  • Rhythm and timing, speed (get this through an athletic agility class!)
  • Increased mind to muscle efficiency and range of motion (get this through a yoga class!)
  • More stamina, recovery time, and endurance, and defensive skills (get this through a cardio-kick boxing class)

As the co-founder of Fitz, as well as a fitness professional for 10 years working with pro-athletes to the general population Francis has seen it all. His goal with Fitz is to integrate a diverse set of studio partners so members will have full access and love us for it. We hope you like our studio locations as much as we do.

Trust us, we’ve tried them all and they rock!