Why 2016 Is The Year of Corporate Wellness

Chances are if you weren’t living under a rock in 2015, you have heard someone say “sitting is the new smoking.” Yeah, sure, sitting isn’t great but I mean can it be THAT bad? Unfortunately, the answer to that is Yes. Sitting, uninterrupted for long periods of time will decrease your ability to burn fat, increase risk of obesity, depression and cardiovascular disease. So as worn out as that phrase may be, it  is worth repeating.

With that being said, employers have taken notice and have been taking it upon themselves to make sure the health of their employee’s is a priority. With each new year comes new developments in the corporate world when it comes to health and wellness.

The times are changing, millennials are not opposed to their employers being involved with their health, they encourage it. Integrating fitness into the workplace is becoming an important aspect of workplace culture. Thanks to technology developments, employers can see the “return on investment” in real time, which due to the increase in corporate wellness programs can only mean these results are positive.

Google made waves in the corporate wellness world when they stepped their game up. Offering employees has “nap pods” as well as kickboxing classes and encouraging meditation in the workplace!

Fast forward to 2015 which was the year of the fitness tracking technology. A hospital in Houston began subsidizing fitness trackers for their employees and their spouses. Employee health has become such a serious priority that  FitBit now offers corporate wellness products. Not to mention FitBit has “Workout Wednesdays”for their own employees, which include a number of fitness classes they can participate in.

To bring it back home, local Vancouver companies are all about their employee’s health and wellness! Mobify offers their employees yoga classes two times a week! Hootsuite has a “napping room”, a yoga studio, and offers employees fresh organic fruit!

I hope you read this standing up, because as you know, sitting is the new smoking.