Benefits Of Yoga In The Workplace

Yoga has been a fitness buzzword for a long time now. It seems as though every celebrity, professional athlete and CEO swears by it. It seems as though the benefits of yoga are slowly diffusing into the fast paced corporate world. Taking a yoga class before work or during a lunch break has its own benefits, but many companies are bringing yoga into the workplace to help employees deal with stress throughout the day! The physical perks of yoga should actually be taking a back seat to the mental benefits and many corporations are clueing in. Here are the top three reasons, yoga should remain a staple in the workplace.



1. Stress Reduction


Yoga improves blood flow throughout the body, most importantly, to the brain. And none of us can argue that our brain deserves a lot of love. One of the most important aspects of workplace yoga is the effect it has on anxiety and stress. According to the National Safety Council, “Job stress costs employers more than $200 billion each year in absenteeism, tardiness, burnout, lower productivity, high turnover, worker’s compensation and medical insurance costs.”



2. Boosts Morale and Company Culture


Successful companies realize the importance of ensuring the happiness of their employees. Yoga allows time for one to re-charge, reflect, and take a break from computer screens and phone calls which allows an employee to return to work with more energy and a positive attitude. Employees that believe their employers care about their well being are more likely to be more loyal and more productive.



3. Reduces Absenteeism and Health Care Costs


Job stress contributes to 60% of employee’s absenteeism. Companies offering wellness program’s see a significant drop in sick leave and a stress targeting workout like Yoga can only further add to the declining number of employee absences. In 2012, Adena, a medical insurance agency giant had a 7% decrease in health care costs, which their CEO contributes partially to the yoga and meditation classes available to all employees.



Yoga, once believed to be for tree-hugging bohemians has rightfully so claimed its spot in the corporate world. Now that you have some of the facts, go get your downward dog on!