The Best Foods to Aid in Weight Loss

Calorie counting every meal? Wondering whether what you are eating is good or bad for you? Good Fats vs Bad Fats? Eating clean and healthy is a tough cookie to crack (pun intended). While not necessarily “Fat-Burning”, here are a few of the best and simple foods we could think of to get you on your way to feeling more full and satisfied throughout your day, while also perhaps helping to burn some extra fat!

Greek Yogurt

Yogurt seems to be many peoples go to snack when they are in a rush. Greek yogurt however has almost twice as much protein than your regular yogurt. That added protein helps to make you feel fuller, longer, thus providing you with a fuller tummy and less hangry mood throughout your day.

Green Tea

 Many studies prove that green tea actually will stimulate the body to burn fat. While it would probably take a few cups of green tea a day to help promote a great weight loss, who can think of a tastier or more relaxing way to burn some extra fat?


Watermelon is…well just that… full of water! Eating watermelon will fill your gut up a bit more than foods that contain less water content. It will keep you feeling full, while also consuming much less calories than most other foods. As well as being rich in water, watermelon is an excellent source of nutrients such as vitamin A & C. And who can resist that refreshing taste?


I, for one, need one giant cup of coffee before I get to my day and for you not-so morning animals, this one may take the cake! Coffee is one of the rare beverages that will boost your metabolism slightly, which helps burn more fat, thus aids in weight loss. Now we are not saying 1 cup of coffee will make you lost 10 pounds, but the added little boost to your metabolism isn’t something to complain about. Now we are not saying, go to Starbucks and order your favorite Caramel Macchiato…you know that one that is topped with some extra whipped crème and added milk. Coffee by itself is fairly low in calories, but adding all those extras… Well say goodbye to weight loss and hello to the extra numbers on the scale!

While there are many other foods we could probably add to this list, these were some of the easiest and convenient ones we could think of! It’s all about moderation people. Have that, previously mentioned, Caramel Macchiato every once and a while and load up on all those added ingredients and calories. Just don’t do it all the time and you’ll be ok. We all know we need a day to junk-out to keep sane these days!

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