Proper Portioning!

“Portion Distortion.” What is it? Ever notice the growing size of dinner plates, muffin tins, movie theatre popcorn or your Starbucks coffee? Portion sizes have grown significantly over the years distorting our perceptions of how much we think should be eaten in one sitting. As portion sizes become bigger and bigger, bigger starts to seem like the norm and excess calories are consumed. Keeping your portion sizes in check could be the difference between losing or gaining a pound a week!

Match your portion sizes with the recommended guidelines from Canada’s Food Guide serving sizes. A serving size could be a cup, an ounce, a gram, but what does that even look like? Just take a look at your hand…

 Your palm equals one protein portion

Your fist equals one vegetable or fruit portion

Your cupped-hand equals one carbohydrate portion

Your thumb equals one fat/oil portion

Your two thumbs equal one cheese portion