Either we do it or someone we know does; supplements. Everyone takes them. There are multi-vitamins, fat-burners, pre-workout, post-workout, BCAAS, Glutamine, Protein Powder…the list goes on! You may be surprised to know that most supplements are actually quite useless. Most of these supplements can actually cause more harm than good. Fat-burners like “Hydroxycut” might actually send you to the ER instead of into that stunning Victoria Secret 2-piece bathing suit! Be careful with supplements you choose to take and ALWAYS consult a physician beforehand.

Here is a quick list of supplements you should SKIP:

– Pre-Workouts (Jack3d, N.O Xplode, C4)

– Fat-Burners (Hydroxycut)

– Some protein powders (We prefer 100% Whey)

– Creatine (Just eat meat!)

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