Basic Tips To Staying Healthy Year-Round

How variety can boost your fitness consistency.

Finding it difficult to keep the momentum going? You’re not alone. Consistency is a major issue in 45% of gym goers. Usually it’s easy to find the motivation in January or once the sun starts to make an appearance in June. But what about all the other months? We all know to keep a healthy mind and body we need to be sweating year-round! Here’s how a program like Fitz can help you stay motivated and loving your fitness regime all year!

Pick a new skill.

Tired of squats, bench press, and curling? Deviating to something new for a change is key. Having an off week from your regular strength routine and trying out a new skill like Boxing, Zumba, or Yoga can be extremely beneficial. Not just for keeping things consistent, but also for your mind. During the process you’ll probably meet a few people as well! Once you’ve felt you had enough, hit the weights again.

Find something you’d never think you’d try.

You’ll often see people shy away from so many things they eventually love! Yoga is a great example for men. Lifting weights is a great example for women. We often do what we feel confident in, but abandoning that train of thought often results in that “aha!” moment and gives you the mental capacity to say “that was fun, I should’ve tried this sooner!”

Mark it down, confirm your reservation, and tell someone.

Note it in your calendar that you’ll be attending a class and pay for your reservation. It’s natural for humans to be accountable to anything once its paid for. Do yourself a favor and prepare for the class you’re attending. Once that’s done, tell one person you’re attending. Research shows that 26% of people that tell at least one person they’re going to do something actually do it!

Check out new fitness locations nearby.

Same drive, same parking lot, same people, same gym. How boring is that? Just the fact of driving a new route, the uncertainty, and the new people you come across at a particular health and fitness club can amp things up. Try it for yourself and see how it sparks a little motivation! Remember, doing the same thing over and over again is a recipe for disaster. In this case, it ceases your constancy to keep things going. With that said, drop in somewhere new every once in a while. The cool part is a vast majority of gyms offer 1 day free trials!