To our Fitz members and Vancouver community,

We started Fitz with the ultimate mission of improving the health and wellness of corporate employees across Canada. As a founder, I wanted to provide an update on our progress to date.

Fitz started in March 2015 as a corporate fitness program that would soon enable local Vancouver employees to fitness freedom! Our platform was founded on the premise of providing local employees unlimited access to Vancouver’s top fitness activities.

After approximately 2 years of hitting the pavement and partnering with over 85 local fitness boutiques and gyms, we reached our goal of acquiring 500 classes onto our platform. A milestone in which we are all proud of. We wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all the studio owners who believed in our vision and how we aimed to improve the health of our local, hardworking employees. As you can imagine, without studios joining Fitz, it would be impossible to provide the service that Fitz has become. A special thanks and appreciation to all the amazing studios we have on our platform today.

As a team, we will achieve the goal of improving the workplace, and better the lives of workers in our nation. From the words of Canada’s health minister, The honourable Jane Philpot “What Fitz is doing to get employees active is commendable”. Thank you, Jane and the government of Canada for your kind words.

In addition to our traction, we’ve begun working with our newly acquired partners Estoras Group as of Fall 2016 who will support the continued success of Fitz across major North American cities. With their expertise, we have commenced the evolution of making Fitz a ‘Corporate Health and Lifestyle Program.” What this means for our employers and employees, in addition to fitness classes, employees will now be able to book from a variety of sports trainers, massage therapists, activity rentals, healthy meals on the go and more amazing options to keep the stress down and happiness up! We plan on making it seamless and fun to improve the total well-being of our users and can’t wait to get started on this expansion of our business model.

A special thank you to all of our supporters, partners, and development teams that have made Fitz what it is today. We look forward to providing a platform that will enhance the workplace and improve the health of employees.


Francis dos Santos
Co Founder