3 Health Focused Tips For HR Professionals to Remember!

Whether your overlooking a large pool of employees, recruiting, or strategizing company culture, being accountable for the happiness of your valued colleagues is not only hard work, it can be stressful at times. To help keep you on your ‘A game” we compiled a list of “health focused” reminders that will boost your well being and keep your mind razor sharp!

NEVER Skip Breakfast!

Eating within 30 minutes of waking up is so important in providing your body fuel and ensuring your getting the nutrients needed to tackle the day ahead of you. The first meal of the day has a huge impact on your mood and since your dealing with people, it’s so important your able to acknowledge and have full clarity on how to manage their specific needs. By skipping breakfast we become easily irritated, moody and have little energy to deal with the hurdles we face – especially from other people who need your support!  Studies have shown that eating breakfast can assist with memory, concentration levels and much like any other organ the brain needs fuel to function optimally especially when dealing with a wide array of personalities and needs.

Get Into The Habit Of Sipping On Water Through-Out Your Work-Day!

Human Resource managers are required to have great emotional intelligence and have the ability to fully understand the needs of their employees- ensuring your well hydrated gives you the cognitive ability to do so. Frequently hydrating with water keeps your brain alert and helps you make the best decisions when their required for the valued employees your accountable for. Whether your hiring, firing or addressing the needs of your employees, being able to think effectively and accurately is very important. Being dehydrated can have an impact on how you deal with matters and can make you feel fatigue and confused if your not consuming enough!

Kick Off Your Day with a Little Sweat or Meditation! 

Whether your attending work conferences, presenting at an event, or traveling on business you need energy and keeping your body and mind fit supports this in a big way. Hitting the weights, going for a morning jog or trying a nearby yoga class will dramatically increase those “feel good” endorphins and immediately impact how you go about your daily responsibilities once you arrive at your office. Exercise makes us feel good and will have a positive effect on how you communicate, make decisions, and treat others in the work place!