6 Hacks To Make Your Office Environment Healthier!


Hardworking Canadians spend countless hours at their office each week; by encouraging a healthy work environment we can be awarded with amazing health rewards and positive influences on the the way we work. We believe by working in a health inspired, fresh, and green space, you slowly start to become that way. 

Here are 6 ways to turn your office from a dull, energy depleting space to something that gives you motivation to live healthy!

Add more green!

Did you know that adding plants to your office can encourage you to think healthier, provide energy, and influence your positivity amongst fellow co workers? The sight of a healthy green plant next to your desk will have an immediate impact on the way you think, and provide natural calmness to your work space. 

Standing Desks

Sitting is the new smoking and its negatively effecting the lives of many Canadians. By standing, you automatically correct your posture, improve blood flow, and as a result, you feel an increase in energy levels. Slouching at your desk turns off your core muscles, and puts you in a lazy position that will eventually lead to serious health conditions. By adding a few stand up desks for people to start trying can have a viral effect amongst other colleagues. Have a look at Ori Stand for a great, cost effective solution. 

Fresh Air

Cracking the window open a few times per day will provide you with of sense of feeling fresh, comfortable, and spark some energy from the warm sun-shine that beams in. Feeling hot and clammy naturally puts us in a un-comfortable, lazy state which in turn affects your productivity and the way you feel about your work.  A calm breeze is great for keeping your body temperatures down keeping you comfortable in your business attire. Try airing out your office and take advantage of some fresh air – its free! 

Active Decor

Having active, motivational decor or photos around your office will work as a reminder to stay in tune with your fitness and health goals. They also work as reminders with keeping you consistent with your scheduled workouts. Hanging a picture from the latest half marathon you completed will remind you that keeping healthy has it’s rewards and will push you to keep going and stay on track. It will also encourage fellow colleagues to become inspired to get active. 


Did you know smell can have an amazing affect on your mood, productivity, and focus?  Aromatherapy can be used to create a fresh working environment that’ll keep you dialed in. After all, no one is going to do their best work when their work area smells unbearable. Having a fresh scent offers a warm nice gesture to welcome to any guests, or meetings you host at your office.

Natural Light

Studies show that employees who work with exposure to natural daylight had improved sleeping, physical activity, and over all vision. Having natural light also lightens up your office making it more vibrant and engaging. Time to roll up the blinds, and take in the view every once in awhile!


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